Water and Waste Department

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Sewer and Water Utility Rate Application
Local Improvement District No. 6
Council gave 1st reading to By-law 17-02 on February 7, 2017.   The by-law is based on the assumption that all properties will be connecting to the water system on completion of the project.  Once the funding is approved, administration will obtain the consent from each individual property owner as to whether they wish to hook up on completion of the project or if they want to hook up at a later date of their choosing.  The by-law will then be amended before giving 2nd and 3rd reading to reflect only those property owners who wish to hook up immediately and will be charged the capital water levy charge of $5,200.00 (previously $6,500).  Please note all properties included in the Local Improvement District will be charged for the frontage levy of $41.27/foot regardless of when they hook up.
By-law 17-02 - Local Improvement District No. 6 - 1st reading
The capital water levy fee is charged to recover the future costs for expansion/upgrades to the water source, treatment, storage, pumping and trunk water mains to meet the increased demand because of growth or increase in the number of customers.  On February 7 Council received a recommendation to reduce the capital water levy fee of $6,500 to $5,200 which was passed by resolution for new hook ups going forward.
A Public Hearing was held January 16, 2017 at the Oakbank Baptist Church to present Local Improvement Plan No. 6 also referred to as "Oakbank Watermain Extension 2017 Project".
Administration has now reviewed both formal objections received prior to the commencement of the hearing and registered objections received prior to the adjournment of the hearing and can confirm that 44 objections were received.  A total of 126 objections were required to defeat the local improvement process. 
As the total number of objections falls well short of the threshold to halt the local improvement, Administration will be bringing a draft by-law before Council at their scheduled meeting of February 7, 2017.  At that time Council will discuss the project and determine whether or not to authorize first reading of the Local Improvement By-law.  Should first reading be given the By-law then proceeds to the Municipal Board for their consideration.  Given that there were 44 objectors, the Municipal Board will likely convene a hearing of their own, to which all concerned parties would be advised by them of the date, time and location for that hearing.
As indicated at the Public Hearing, this project vitally depends on successfully obtaining the federal/provincial grant.
Russ Phillips
Chief Administrative Officer

The Water and waste Department helps protect public health, property, and the environment through:
  • Supplying, treating and distributing safe drinking water via our public water systems
  • Collecting and treating waste collected by our public sewage collection systems, as well as sewage waste hauled to our lagoon
  • Providing recycling and waste reduction
  • Collection and disposal of solid waste, either from our public recycling and solid waste collection, or through recycling and solid waste received from our waste transfer stations

Water and Sewer:
Public Water System Annual Report
Customer Septic Number
The Municipality of Springfield now requires all residents requiring a septic tank or holding tank to be pumped, and the septage dumped into the Springfield lagoon, to have a customer number. This number will be used to make sure only Springfield residents septage is dumped into our lagoon.
The form is easy to fill out and requires only your name, mailing and civic address, contact information, and the type of tank you have, whether it is septic or holding, how many litres it holds, and how often it is usually pumped out.
The form is available below, or call the Public Works Office, 204-444-2241 and we can fax or email a form to you. Or you can drop by our office and fill one out.
It takes only a minute, and we will provide a number usually the same day, and we can get the number to you the same way, by fax, email, or we can provide it right after you have filled out the form in our office.
Our licensed septic haulers have agreed to spread the word about the number, and we thank them for helping us out. When you contact them for a septage pump out, they will advise you to get a number, you can then contact us, fill out the form and we will provide the number, you then will call them back and give them the number and receive your pump out. As a reminder we advise the deadline for dumping septic tanks into the lagoon is October 15 of each year as set by the Province.  Holding tanks can be dumped year round.
It is fast and easy! We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience, but this is one time only, the number will run with the property, and once you have it you never need to do it again, just give the number to your septic hauler when you call for a septic pump out.
Water and Waste Department