Spring Road Restrictions

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Restrictions take effect on March 15, 2019 at 6:00 am in the RM of Springfield. Please check back to this website for updates, if required.

All roads within the RM of Springfield will be restricted to 65% of normal axle loading unless otherwise posted.  See our website for maps of Oakbank, Dugald and Rural areas for restrictions.

Spring Weight Restrictions will not apply to: Gunn Road Industrial Area. 

Crystal Lakes Subdivision and Aspen Lakes Subdivision will be restricted to 90% of Normal Axle Loads in construction areas only (special construction access to these areas).  Check for signage to construction access entrance.

All Roads                                  65%

Gunn Industrial Area           No Restrictions

Aspen Lakes                         90% in all areas of development

Crystal Lake & Sage Pl.      90% via 207 – Springfield Rd – Vernon Rd – Construction Access (Ashley Dr & Lake Dr)

Wheatland                            Contact highways to gain permission to use 206, or contact Public Works and make an application to    use RM roads through Dugald (90% in new development only)

Ecole Dugald School          Construction access to school will be 90% of Normal Axle loads (use Holland St and Jaffray St East).  All other roads 65%.

The purpose of Spring Road Restrictions is to protect roadways from damage during spring thaw conditions. The Council requests the co-operation of its citizens and the commercial industry.  For further information regarding Spring Weight Restrictions on municipal roads, please contact the Public Works Department at (204) 444-2241 or the Springfield Police at (204) 444-4308.

Provincial trunk highways, or provincial roadways, are restricted by the provincial department of Manitoba Transportation and Government Services.   Please contact them directly with any provincial road inquiries through the Road Information Line.  Information will be available through a verbal description of road restrictions at 1-204-945-3704, or 1-877-MBRoads (1-877-627-6237).  Provincial restrictions can also be obtained online at www.gov.mb.ca/mit/srr/ under "Manitoba’s Spring Road Restriction Program”. This link also contains information on axle loading.  

65% of legal axle weight:  "6.5 kg per millimeter width of tire up to a maximum of 65% of the legal axle weights on all Municipal spring restricted roads unless otherwise posted.” 

BY ORDER OF the Highway Traffic Act subsection 86(1).

Spring Weight Restriction Permit

Map of Dugald Road Restrictions

Map of Oakbank Road Restrictions

Map of Municipal Road Restrictions