Burning Conditions - Fire Risk

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 Springfield Fire & Rescue Service


Burning Conditions - Fire Risk

Burn Permit - Click HERE for a copy

Current Conditions as of September 2019


1 (Low) 

Fires are allowed in approved receptacles.  Open-air fires are allowed, and any person who wishes to cause an open-air fire shall always notify the RM of Springfield Fire Chief prior to lighting. (204-981-4042) 


2 (High) - Burn Ban In Place 

Fires are only allowed in approved receptacles. 

NO open-air fires allowed without a permit 


3 (Extreme) 

NO fires of any type are allowed.  No use of consumer or commercial fire works or pyrotechnics are allowed. 

The R.M. of Springfield uses multiple resources to determine the risk involving open air fires.  This information is used to determine when and to what extent a Burn Ban is initiated. 

The Manitoba Wild Fire Conditions,

Sustainable Development Information System,
as well as local history and weather conditions all are taken into consideration.

The R.M. of Springfield will notify residents when a burn ban is implemented by means of posting in the local paper, highway signs as well as notification on the R.M. of Springfield website.

Crop Residue Burning Authorizations begin August 1.  More information.... 

Fall Burning Regulations 

Open Air Fire Burn Permit