Community Services Department

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Mission Statement

The MISSION of the Municipality of Springfield Community Services Department is to provide innovative health, recreation and wellness opportunities for the residents of Springfield. As a department, we will endeavour to deliver diverse and enriching programming to people of all ages and abilities through the creation and maintenance of high quality programs, facilities and community special events.

2021 Community Services Directory

Municipality of Springfield Community Services Department Objectives:

  • Provision of well maintained, safe and accessible parks, green spaces, and recreation facilities
  • Delivery of efficient services to Springfield residents regardless of income, background or ability
  • Effective and responsive strategic planning for both the short and long-term needs of Springfield residents
  • Continually strive to improve existing facilities while seeking opportunities for future development
  • Create and foster constructive partnerships with diverse array of Springfield community clubs and committees towards improving the quality of life for all residents

Tree Planting Incentive Program - SOLD OUT

Springfield Council is partnering with the Springfield Chamber of Commerce for a Tree Planting Incentive Program. This program will provide the opportunity for residents and local businesses to receive FREE of charge, seedlings to plant on their properties or a single tree. The Tree Planting Incentive Program is based on a first come, first serve basis. Residents can only select one of following five bundle options:

  • Spruce Tree Bundle
  • Paper Birch Tree Bundle
  • Manitoba Maple Tree Bundle
  • Common Lilac Tree Bundle
  • Caragana Tree Bundle

or a single tree

  • Silky White Willow
  • Laurel Leaf Willow
  • Burr Oak

All the tree bundles and single trees have been sold out. If you were placed on a waitlist, this means all trees in that category were claimed. You will receive an email if there is a cancellation or another tree or bundle become available.  Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you will receive a tree. 

Pick up time(s) and location:

Tree or bundle pick up will take place at the municipal office, 100 Springfield Centre Drive, from Thursday, May 13th and Friday, May 14th from noon to 8:00pm, and Saturday May 15th from 10:00am to 1:00pm. 

Planting Instructions

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Recreation Programs