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Mayor & Council

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Springfield, Mayor and Council

Back Row, Left to Right: Mark Miller, Melinda Warren, Andy Kuczynski
Front Row, Left to Right: Glen Fuhl, Patrick Therrien

Welcome to the Municipality of Springfield, Manitoba. We are a community of over 16,000 and expanding. Our unrivalled combination of beautiful vistas, small-town charm, attractive tax structures and proximity to Winnipeg have positioned Springfield as the fastest growing municipality in the Metropolitan Region. Springfield is a diverse and multifaceted community, offering residents and visitors alike the wide-open spaces in Cooks Creek and Hazelridge, the small-town hospitality of Anola and Dugald, and Oakbank’s urban atmosphere.

Visitors to Springfield can enjoy unparalleled beauty in a superb natural setting. Outdoor activities include miles of snowmobile and horse trails, a world-class provincial park, summer festivals, museums, and much more.

Residents take pride in our schools, churches, recreation facilities and bustling community life. Local Government Council and staff are committed to excellence in service, ongoing community development and timely, effective responses to your concerns and questions.

Springfield is the perfect place for your family and business. We are proud of what we have built and where we live.

Springfield Council Contact information 

Mayor – Patrick Therrien
Phone: 204-902-0728

Patrick Therrien has been a part of the RM of Springfield for over 3 decades. He became increasingly familiar with his community during his employment as an RCMP Constable in the Springfield area for 14 years, which later led him to be promoted to detachment commander at ports in the province. He has goals to listen to the people of his community and address the concerns of the citizens, and to create an open, fair government. 

“I am excited to have this opportunity to serve my community as I once did as an RCMP many years ago. I look forward to talking, meeting, and getting insight/ideas from all citizens in the Springfield area; their thoughts and ideas.”

Councillor, Ward 1 – Glen Fuhl
Phone: 204-232-4631

Glen Fuhl, Springfield’s Deputy Mayor – Councillor Ward 1, has served on countless committees and shown true commitment to his community. He currently serves as Vice Chair for Springfield Heritage Housing Inc., Vice Chair for Community Futures Winnipeg River, and is a Committee Member on the RM of Springfield’s Asset Management Committee. Fuhl has been a part of the Springfield community for over 30 years and has achieved several accomplishments both in and out of his time in council; owning a successful business for over 3 decades has taught him to become adaptable and fiscally responsible, while his time in council over the last 8 years has lead him to bring much needed solutions to the Springfield community such as water and drainage initiatives, recreational amenities, road reconstruction, and more. 

In this term, Glen aims to seek additional grant funding from all levels of government to complete the construction of the Springfield Community Recreation Centre (SCRC), as well as Dugald Place Assisted Living Residence and Aquatic Centre.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve my community once again and Moving Springfield Forward Together! look forward to connecting with residents and providing thoughtful solutions to taxpayers.”

Councillor, Ward 2 – Andy Kuczynski
Phone: 204-403-8971

Councillor, Ward 3 – Mark Miller
Phone: 204-403-8250

Mark Miller, a long-time resident of Springfield, carries an impressive background in a variety of sectors with a passion for his community. His community involvement has allowed projects like the Kin Place Services to Seniors and Springfield Place – Independent Living Residence to come to fruition and has devoted countless hours to being on community board of directors such as the annual Zora Cup as the fundraising chair, Manitoba’s chapter of MADD as the fundraising chair, Board member of the Canadian Shield Foundation, and many more.  

His extensive professional background stems from an education at the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Winnipeg which gave him a solid foundation to understand municipal affairs, development plans and policy. Miller was also a founding Executive Director to the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Association, Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association and others. 

During Miller’s first term as an elected official, he hopes to improve our green footprint, reduce the stress for our seniors and aging population with more housing and address the many challenges of development throughout our community. Recreation and a stronger community for our youth and young families is paramount as well.

“I am thrilled to be entrusted by our community to make responsible decisions and share my expertise, learned and engaged citizen knowledge over the next four years that will benefit our environment, our seniors, youth and growing families.”

Councillor, Ward 4 – Melinda Warren
Phone: 204-403-8201

Melinda Warren has been a part of the Springfield Community for over 40 years. A well-versed resident, Councillor Warren built a successful business in the municipality giving her the tools needed to succeed in her new role. Her goal is to listen to the ratepayer and make decisions based on the information that will best benefit community as a whole. 

“I am excited to have this opportunity to serve my community and help residents with their issues while watching our community flourish”.

Council Meetings
Council meetings are held within Council Chambers, 100 Springfield Centre Drive. Generally, Council meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Committee of the Whole meetings are generally held every 2nd Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. The 4th Thursday of the month is generally reserved for planning matters at 6:00 p.m. If you would like to attend a meeting as a delegation you are required to register with the administration office. Delegations will be arranged at the discretion of the municipality.

Council Delegations
Delegates will be required to submit presentation material to the administration office the Friday prior to the meeting date for inclusion in Council’s agenda packages.

Scheduled delegations are limited to 15 minutes.

Public Hearing Procedures
During a public hearing, you will be required to sign in before speaking and are limited to 5 minutes. The Chair may decline to hear further presentations, questions or objections if satisfied that the matter has been addressed at the public hearing.

Persons in the council chambers are not permitted to display signs or placards or applaud participants in debate or engage in conversation or other behaviours which may disrupt council proceedings.

Audio/videotaping of meetings is not permitted without prior consent from the Chief Administrative Officer at least 72 hours prior to the meeting or public hearing.
Individuals wishing to initiate a petition are urged to obtain a copy of the relevant sections of The Municipal Act.  The Municipal Act is available online at: The Municipal Act
It should be noted that Council may be petitioned for any matter.  However, where a formal petition is required under the Act, that petition must meet the sufficiency requirements of the Act.
A petition should include the following:
  • the printed surname and given name or initials of the petitioner
  • the petitioner's signature
  • the date on which the petitioner signed the petition, which must be within 90 days of the petition being filed
  • the address of the petitioner's residence
  • if the petition is to form a municipality or a local urban district, a statement that the petitioner is an eligible elector of the proposed municipality or locality
  • if the petition is to dissolve a municipality, a statement that the petitioner is an elector of the municipality
  • if the petition is to initiate or object to a local improvement or special service, the address of the property in respect of which the petitioner is liable to pay the tax
  • the signature of an adult witness opposite the signature of the petitioner and where required, a statutory declaration of the witness.