Waste Transfer Station Access Cards

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Waste Transfer Station Access CardWaste Transfer Station Access Card

In January 2019, single-family dwellings, duplexes, bare land condos, condo corporations, institutional properties and farm properties in the RM of Springfield were provided with Waste Transfer Station Access Cards. Commercial, industrial and apartment building properties do not have access to the Waste Transfer Stations. Owners with multiple farm properties, without a dwelling have been provided with one (1) card only. Farm Only properties are allowed to dispose of pesticide cans, used oil, white goods, scrap steel and E-waste.

The Waste Transfer Station Access Card system is designed to stop the use of the municipal waste transfer stations by unauthorized users, which reduces waste disposed of at the waste transfer stations, ultimately reducing costs and saving tax dollars. The system provides valuable information in regards to traffic at the waste transfer stations and type and quantity of waste and recyclables and other material disposed at the facility by individual properties. This information helps in improving services at the facilities and managing them more efficiently. The system is not intended for charging any fees at the stations, only for controlling the access to the stations and improving record keeping.

You are required to show your Waste Transfer Station Access Card to the attendant for scanning at either waste transfer station in order to gain entry. A photocopy of the card or photo on a mobile device is not acceptable to gain access. The Waste Transfer Station Access Card is scanned using a software app. The attendant will ask questions regarding type and quantity of waste and enter data into the app. The collected data is uploaded to the RM server daily by the Attendants. The scanning of cards, gathering of information and entering data in the app takes up to a minute. Your patience is appreciated. 

You are responsible for safe keeping of your Waste Transfer Station Access Card, using it only for waste disposal from your property. All waste deposited using your card will be recorded against your property. If the card is misplaced or lost, a $20.00 replacement fee will be charged.  A temporary password will be made available from the RM while your new card is being processed.  Photo ID with your current address will need to be presented with the password.

When a new card is issued the old card is cancelled and is not accepted at either Waste Transfer Station. 

In the event that you move, please leave the Waste Transfer Station Access Card for the new owner as the card runs with the property.

Please call the Water and Waste Department at 204-444-7359 to make arrangements for a replacement Waste Transfer Station Access Card.