Solid Waste Management Program

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R.M. of Springfield Solid Waste Management Program Review

The R.M. of Springfield is planning to change the funding structure of its residential solid waste management program.

At the present time, curbside waste pickup and the use of transfer stations are services that are funded by the R.M.’s general tax base. Although the tax that residents contribute to this service is equalized, the actual solid waste management services that residents receive is not equal. Currently, curbside pickup is only provided to a portion of the R.M.

The R.M. is exploring a change to the existing funding model for curbside pickup and the use of transfer stations in order to provide a more equitable solid waste management service to its residents. At the same time, the R.M. is encouraging the reduction of garbage that is produced, resulting in more local recycling.

The R.M. is interested in involving  residents in the planning process to gather feedback and to provide information on the concept.

Public Engagement

The R.M. of Springfield hosted a series of Workshop events between September 23 and October 2, 2019. Over 120 residents participated in these Workshop events. Residents shared their thoughts and ideas regarding Springfield’s current and future solid waste management program. Thank you to all of those who participated.

What we've Heard

Feedback was gathered from the workshops by asking two open-ended and discussion based questions. The first question was aimed at gathering information about Springfield’s current waste management system. The second question as aimed at discussing options for reducing waste, encouraging recycling and making the system more equitable for all residents in the municipality.

Comments were gathered by facilitators at each event, written on flip charts or directly in the workbooks. The
link below highlights the key themes that emerged from each discussion question.

Public Engagement Memo - Round One

Public Engagement Memo - Round Two

Open House Boards