Municipal Wastewater Systems

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The Municipal Wastewater Systems Group operates 3 Municipal Wastewater Systems within the Municipality.  The systems are managed and operated by the Water and Waste Department and are regulated by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Manitoba and Manitoba Conservation and Climate.

Collectively, the Department oversees;

  • 1 Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (RWWTF);
  • 40+ kilometers of wastewater collection and forcemain piping; 
  • 8 lift stations; 
  • 1,800 wastewater service connections; 

Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, located southeast of Oakbank operates as an eleven (11) cell facultative wastewater treatment lagoon under Environmental Act License No. 2910R.

The facility is located in the East ½ of SEC 11 TWP 11 RGE 5E. 

The facility consists of three (3) Primary Cells and eight (8) Secondary Cells that service the communities of Oakbank, Dugald and Anola with piped wastewater service. The facility receives truck hauled wastewater (holding tank and septage) from the remaining residential, agricultural and industrial properties located within the Municipality. 

The most recent expansion to the lagoon occurred in 2021 with the addition and construction of three (3) Secondary Cells located on the portion of land designated SE 11-11-5E1.  

Lagoon Secondary Cells and Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (RWWTF) employs conventional sunlight and wind action to breakdown the organics and nutrients. Aluminum Sulphate (“Alum”) is added to the Secondary Cells prior to spring and fall discharges to reduce Phosphorus (P) below the allow discharge limits required in the Environment Act License.

The Water and Waste Department tracks all flow (lift station and truck hauled) data for reporting to Manitoba Conservation and Climate to ensure compliance with Environment Act License No. 2910R.

A detailed list of Prohibited Materials at the Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility are found on pages 8-10 of the Wastewater Disposal Vehicle License Policy.

Wastewater Disposal Vehicle License Policy

Anola Wastewater Collection System

Dugald Wastewater Collection System

Oakbank Wastewater Collection System

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