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Dust Control

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“Seasonal Dust Control Application”



The Rural Municipality of Springfield would like to remind residents interested in applying for the application of seasonal dust control, the RM is now accepting orders for the 2020 season.

Due to precautions surrounding COVID-19, dust control orders must be paid by cheque and be placed in the drop box available at the Administration Office at 100 Springfield Centre Drive or mailed to Box 219, Oakbank, Manitoba, R0E 1J0, accompanied with the application form. All information on the form must be completed or your order may not be processed.  Applications will be received up to and including May 18th.

Marking sticks for placement will be delivered to your location and dropped at the end of the driveway.

The rate will be 50% of the actual rate of the current application cost. The annual cost shall be determined, and advertised, in the month of March and April of each year, and will be posted to the RM’s web site. The cost for the 2020 season for residents will be $.47 cents per foot (50% cost share), this includes all taxes. The cost to residents after May 18 will be .94 cents per foot.  

A minimum of 45 meters (150 feet) of dust suppressant is required, and not more than a 4.8-meter width (16 feet) is allowed unless deemed necessary by the Public Works Department.


The Municipality can not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust control suppressant. Once a dust control suppressant has been applied, no refunds will be made. The use of a dust suppressant is meant to control dust on the roadway, not to eliminate it completely.


The Municipality will not be responsible for any private dust control product applied to the roadway by a resident, and will maintain the roadway as deemed appropriate by the Public Works Department.   

Dust Control Program Application

Dust Control Program Policy

Rural Municipality of Springfield
Blaine Moffat
Public Works Director