Ward Boundary Survey

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A survey was released on August 5, 2020 asking if the size of Council should be increased or decreased from its current size of the Mayor and five (5) Councillors.  In total, there were 271 responses to the Council Size Survey.  Out of the 271 responses, 64.6% (175 responses) were in favour of a decrease to the size of Council and 35.4% (96 responses) were in favour of an increase to the size of Council.  Based on the results, the composition of Council for the 2022 election will include 4 Councillors and the Head of Council.

To make any changes to Springfield Ward boundaries, a by-law must be passed by Council in order to decrease the size of Council from 6 to 5.  The by-law must include revised ward boundaries in order to achieve an approximate equal number of residents in each ward, taking into account topographical features, settlement patterns and population trends.  There are three (3) options for the public to consider which include:

•    At large (4 Councillors)
•    2 Wards (2 Councillors in each Ward)
•    4 Wards (1 Councillor in each Ward)