Draft Zoning and Secondary Plans - 1st Round - Public Engagements - November 2019

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The Rural Municipality of Springfield has initiated three new planning projects that will further
define its future growth. The projects are:

  1. A comprehensive review of Springfield's Zoning By-Law
  2. A secondary plan for the Oakbank South Area
  3. A secondary plan for the West Pine Ridge Area

West Pine Ridge Secondary Plan

The intent of the West Pine Ridge Secondary Plan is to facilitate additional rural residential development south of Birds Hill Park (Development Plan 18-09 Section 5). Development in this area should be compatible with existing and adjacent uses, while maintaining the rural nature of the area. This area of the municipality is already significantly fragmented and contains limited agricultural activity. It is intended the Secondary Plan area will support some rural residential lots, where appropriate and suitable.

West Pine Ridge Workshop Presentation

Oakbank South Secondary Plan

The purposes of the Oakbank South Secondary Plan is to recognize Oakbank as the largest settlement centre in the municipality and to promote efficient and orderly development of the southern area of town, where the majority of serviced growth will be direct over the next 20 years.

Oakbank South Workshop Presentation

Zoning By-law Review

Springfield’s Zoning By-law was last updated in 2010 and should reflect the recently adopted Development Plan and the new Secondary Plans. 

Zoning By-law Boards

How to Get Involved

We will be holding a series of workshops and public information sessions in November.   The information sessions on the Zoning By-law will be held across the municipality and will provide residents with opportunities to discuss how development should be regulated throughout Springfield.  The workshops are intended to gather information directly from residents and landowners in Oakbank South and West Pine Ridge to aid in the creation of the Secondary Plans for those communities.

Public Information Sessions

Planning Springfield - Workshop Survey Link