Oakbank Fire - Station 1

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Springfield Fire & Rescue Service


                  Welcome to Oakbank Fire Hall(Station 1)


Deputy Chief, Bryan Madsen

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The Oakbank Fire Hall, dispatched and identified as "Oakbank Fire” is situated at 62091 Hwy 206 south of Oakbank, and is the busiest of the three halls. Having the largest dispatch area in Springfield crews responds regularly to over 200 emergency incidents per year. Oakbank Fire also responds to emergencies in Birds Hill Provincial Park under a Fire Protection Agreement with Sustainable Development. Oakbank Fire also enters into a Fire Protection Agreements with the Winnipeg Folk Festival, ensuring emergency response to the park during the festival is expedited. Our Emergency Operations Centre is also located at Station 1. For more information on Emergency Management.


Station 1 Equipment



Madsen, Bryan- Deputy Chief

Smith, Robert- Captain

Banack, Jason- Lieutenant

Allaire, Carson 

Butland, Katy

Carr, Vivian- EMR 

Ell, Chad

Geib, Barry 

Hill, Erin 

Holowachuk, Brock

Holowachuk, Claire

Jette, Michael

Jette, Trevor

Lackner, Mike 

Liddiard, Riley 

Manning, Randy 

Meinen, Daniel 

Myers, Andrew 

Skrudland, Scott

Skrupski, Brody 

Smith, Kevin 

Walby, Clayton 

Walker, Lee

Wallach, Bryn- EMR

Wurr, Heather