Road Gravel Re-Claiming/Shaping Program

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Public Works has begun its road re-claiming/shaping program this year which due to early favorable conditions began Mid-March. The principal behind re-claiming/shaping involves bringing up the material from along the sides of the roads, mulching the material, and grading the material to reshape and restore the crown of the road. By re-shaping the side slope and bringing the material onto the road to re-crown the road surface, this restores the road back to its proper width and design function. This would then be followed up with a fresh layer of compacted gravel for the finish. This program will continue throughout the summer.

The following is a description of the Gravel re-claiming/shaping process:

1.    Roads are evaluated and chosen based on poor shoulder drainage as well as how much of a ‘lip’ (between the blue lines) of built-up gravel there is on the edge of the road.

2.    A gravel re-claiming unit mounted on the side of a grader is used to loosen the built-up material and ‘sweep’ it up towards the road.

Check out our video on YouTube

3.    This process is completed two to three times on each side of the road depending on how much gravel is retrieved. With each pass a second grader is used to form a windrow of material. 

4.    After the re-claiming passes have been completed the grader passes over the material one last time to help break the material down. The result is a mixture of re-claimed aggregate from the shoulders as well as some organic material that will to re-shape the road surface. The existing dead grass will break down or be blown away in the wind, or from traffic.

5.    This process leaves the road with better grade to drain water off the shoulders of the road. The final goal is to incorporate the newly reclaimed material (weather cooperating) into the existing road surface, restore the crown of the road, and then cap the road surface with some virgin traffic gravel. The process of restoring the crown of the road is to ensure that water drains from the road surface, thereby minimizing the washing away of fines as well as the creation of potholes. Without re-claiming the edges of the road, it would typically require 400-500 cubic yards of material to re-shape a mile of road. Through the re-claiming process the RM reclaim in the range of 150-300 cubic yards of material per mile. The following photos depict the road surface prior to the application of new traffic gravel.

Unfavorable road conditions can arise should heavy precipitation amounts arise before the process can be completed. During this time residents can expect some less-than-ideal road conditions in their travels. Residents may have some concerns that PW is destroying or ruining the roadway during this process, but we can assure you that this is not the case rather a means of utilizing the materials that are embedded into the edges of the road that have been pushed there over years from vehicles usage.

Road maintenance is essential in order to preserve the road in its originally constructed condition to protect adjacent resources and user safety, and provide efficient, convenient travel along the route. 

If you would like further information on this program or any of the roads that may be done this year, please feel free to call the Public Works Department at 204-444-2241.

Your understanding and Patience is greatly Appreciated.